MTEMC Partners With to Promote Benefits of Air Filtration

Replacing air filters every 90 days can reduce electricity costs by 15% a year!

Middle Tennessee Electric Membership Corporation, the Murfreesboro-based electric cooperative that provides more than 215,000 members safe and reliable electricity, is partnering with air filter subscription service based out of Franklin, T.N., to educate consumers about the benefits of replacing air filters every 90 days.

The partnership between MTEMC and is the result of hearing the same questions from consumers – How do I improve the efficiency of my heating, cooling and air conditioning system without sacrificing comfort?

Heating and cooling your home accounts for 48% of energy use in the average home. When it comes to your thermostat, it can be tempting to adjust the temperature closer to our liking. Unfortunately, a change of a few degrees can push us outside our monthly budgets

When looking for ways to stay comfortable while saving money, MTEMC and wants homeowners and businesses to know that replacing air filters every 90 days can cut energy use by up to 15% a year. For the average energy user, this means more than $100 goes back into their wallet.

In addition to the extra saving, regular filter changeouts benefits consumers in other ways. According to the environmental protection agency, indoor air can be up to 100 times more polluted than outdoor air. Indoor air filters can reduce many of the most common airborne particles that contribute to poor indoor air quality.

Cleaner Filters President John Price believes this partnership is a great opportunity to grow awareness about how we use electricity and the importance of home filtration. “This partnership is the result of the shared commitment to the development of the Middle Tennessee Valley and goal of helping people save money and improving the quality of their indoor air. Our business and many of our employees trust MTEMC for their energy needs. Given our expertise in home filtration, it makes sense to partner with an organization that powers the HVAC equipment inside of our homes and at work.”

Middle Tennessee Electric Membership Corporation is a member-owned, not-for-profit electric cooperative providing electricity to more than 215,000 residential and business members in Williamson, Wilson, Rutherford and Cannon counties. More information about the cooperative can be found at was founded in 2013 and continues to grow rapidly in the air filter marketplace. They attribute their growth to the talents and skills of their employees - many who were born and raised in the local area - a favorable business climate, and high quality air filters that are made in the USA.

The Doctors Talk Indoor Air Quality with


FRANKLIN, TN October 3, 2014 – Today on CBS's The Doctors Dr.’s Travis Stork and Rachael Ross spoke with Andy Sperry, VP of Marketing and Business Development for Franklin-based, about the dangers of poor indoor air quality. Dr. Stork warned that, "if you’re feeling ok when you’re out and about but then the minute you come home you start to get the symptoms, that could be due to your air filter." Dr. Stork commented that simply changing a home’s air filters about every 90 days is a great step towards improving indoor air quality.

On the show Sperry visits the home of a woman suffering with severe allergies and discovers that she has not changed her air filter in over 20 years. Sperry evaluates her air filter and, to guarantee poor indoor air quality will no longer be an issue, provides her with a free 5 year subscription. is a new online service that allows customers to order the correct size, quality, and quantity of air filters they need from the comfort of their own home to help maintain higher home air quality. The service is subscription based and delivers air filters to its customer’s homes every time the air filter needs to be changed.

Dr. Stork ends the show with “Doctors orders to everyone” to “go check your filter”.

Transcript of “Is Your House Making You Sick?” Video by The Doctors

Dr. Stork: Many people suffer from annoying allergies but could your home be the surprising culprit making your symptoms worse?

Andy Sperry: Hello. Hi, are you Dyan?

Dyan: Yes, I’m Dyan. Come on in.

Andy Sperry: I understand you’ve been experiencing some indoor air quality issues.

Dyan: Yes, yes.

Andy Sperry: I wanted to come see if we can help out.

Dyan: We’re having severe allergies, my daughter and I. I have had a hard time sleeping because I’m constantly sneezing and coughing.

Andy Sperry: Ok, well lets take a look and see what we have here. Just pop this cover off. Oh my goodness!

Dyan: Oh that’s disgusting.

Andy Sperry: So tell me, when is it that you think you may have changed this air filter last?

Dyan: Well, we moved in 23 years ago so at least 20 years. Was I supposed to change it?

Andy Sperry: Well, yes. Air filters should be changed about every 90 days. Things that cause allergies that cause allergies. If you have pet dander for instance. With this kind of filter you’re not catching any of it. It’s simply staying in your house and you’re breathing it day in and day out. I wanted to tell you this is an extreme case and we want to be sure your health concerns are taken care of by providing you a 5 year subscription to the air filters you need. They’re going to show up on your doorstep every time they need to be changed and you’re not going to ever have to worry about indoor air quality again.

Dyan: Thank you so much.

Andy Sperry: You’re welcome. Thank you for having us in your home.

Dr. Stork: With us now is Andy Sperry, Vice President of and you told me that this is the filter you saw in Dyan’s home. That is nasty.

Dr. Ross: That’s 20 years worth of dust and dirt.

Andy Sperry: Yes indeed. Indoor air quality is a top 5 environmental health concern.

Dr. Stork: For people with allergies or asthma this is one of the first places to look, right? The air filter in your home?

Andy Sperry: Absolutely. If you think about what your air conditioning system does, it pulls air into it. It conditions the air – heats it or cools it – and then it blows that air back in to your house. Well, if it’s trying to pull air through this it’s not going to work. And if your have a really bad air filter, one that doesn’t catch much stuff, it’s going to be pulling all the bad stuff in then shooting it right back out to the rest of your house.

Dr. Stork: And that’s why if you’re feeling ok when you’re out and about but then the minute you come home you start to get the symptoms that could be due to your air filter. Now I have to ask you where’s the most common place people are going to have to look to find the air filter in their home?

Andy Sperry: So typically everyone is going to have a return air vent and it’s going to be similar to what you saw on the tape. It’s going to be a white version of what looks like the smaller registers in your house. So you pull that off and inside there is going to be the filter. On the side of the filter is going to be written the size. You can see it right here on the side of the filter. It tells you exactly what size you need. There’s really no excuse other than it’s just plain hard to remember to change them until perhaps you start seeing some symptoms.

Dr. Stork: So Doctor’s orders to everyone, this is an order to myself as well, at home go check out your filter. The 90 day average is probably a good one to go with. It’s so important to limit dust, mold and allergens in your home so you also want to vacuum frequently. You never want your home to be the place that makes you sick. We’re going to actually have an exclusive discount on air filters at our website Andy, really appreciate it.

Andy Sperry: Thank you Dr. Travis. Thank you Rachael. Featured on, Miami Herald,, and The Boston Globe

CleanerFilters USA Today Video

FRANKLIN, TN February 19, 2014—According to an article featured on, there’s a simpler, more efficient way to change home air filters. Matt Granite, host of the "Ways 2 Save" segment, introduced his viewers to one of the "best websites" to save time and money:

" is my favorite new service, sort of like the "Netflix" of Air Filters," Granite said. "The process is simple: select your filter size, choose your quality and your delivery schedule. You no longer need to remember the size or specs of your air filter, you no longer need to make frustrating trips to the store or buy in bulk."

" does the dirty work for you with a frequency and quantity you determine."

Granite estimated that he had saved 17% on his last few energy bills by upgrading to a more effective filter. And "if you live with someone who has allergies, today's service is even more fantastic," Granite stated.

"We are gratified that Matt Granite and have recognized the uniqueness and value of our service," said Jay Clarke, CEO of "We set out saying there had to be a better way for homeowners to get clean filters into their homes. First, to remember when to change filters. And, second, to avoid special trips to the store which can also be really frustrating if you don’t remember or can’t find your size." is a new online service that allows customers to order the correct size, quality, and quantity of air filters from the comfort of their own home to help maintain higher home air quality. The service is subscription based and delivers air filters to its customer’s homes when it is time to change the filter. is located in Franklin, TN and was founded in 2013.

Transcript of "Save of the Day" Video by Matt Granite

“Hi Everyone. I am Matt Granite. Welcome to ‘Save of the Day’ where we try to save you as much money as humanly possible every day discussing different services, coupons, websites, and deals. Yes this is an air filter, yes this is going to be a boring way to save but its bargain filled if you will give me a minute of your time, I will lower your home energy cost. “

“Take a look. We all know we can lower by changing our air filters. That’s no surprise. But if I asked you right now what size air filter do you use, you probably don’t know the measurements on the spot and that’s the problem. It’s not so we can often stroll through a department store or hardware store or grocery store and see our air filter on sale. In fact it’s probably not on your mind half of the time. But you do know changing it will help. “

“So today, I proudly introduce you to what I call the ‘Netflix’ of air filters. It is a regular air filter delivery service. And only once do you have to answer the question how big is your filter or your furnace. You punch it in once and then at a frequency you determine, you lock in that low price. You’ll get these air filters just as you would your monthly DVDs from ‘Netflix’.”

“There is no buying in bulk. And, the website can pair you with the most economical filter and it will also help you if you are someone who suffers from allergies or perhaps someone in your household does as well. So, yes I’ve signed up. I am already saving and the best part is that I don’t need to stock 30 of these when I find a low price.”

“The whole way you can make this happen and I think it’s a great service that I’ve paired it with a coupon @mattgranite on Twitter is where you can find me. Once again, @mattgranite on Twitter. I think it’s worthwhile. It’s not fun. It’s not exciting. But, it’s frugal and at the end of the day, we’ll be breathing cooler, less expensive air. That’s your ‘Save of the Day’.”